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Conform Parylene coatings are extremely thin, non porous polymeric coatings, which are used for many different purposes and are playing a decisive part at the protection of important components and component parts today.

Parylene is an inert, hydrophobic, optical transparent, bio compatible, polymeric coating material with a wide spread industrial application spectrum.

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Air and space flight
Antiques protection
Plasma surfaces Illumination industry

The Parylene coating is deposited under vacuum through condensation out of the gaseous phase as a non porous and transparent polymeric film on the substrate material. Practically every vacuum suitable substrate material such as metal, glass, paper, varnish, plastics, ferrite and silicon, even objects such as plants, insects or archaeological artifacts are coatable with Parylene.

Due to the gaseous deposition the Parylene reaches and coats even areas and structures which are not coatable with liquid based processes, such as e.g. sharp edges or tops or thin and deep gaps. In one run coating thicknesses form 0,1 to 100 µm can be deposited.

Parylene is today used in many different industrial branches:

  • Electronic & semi-conductor industry
  • Illumination industry (specially in the LED technology)
  • Automobile industry Altes
  • Medicine technology

And new branches join daily.

  • Space & Air flight
  • Military industry
  • Antiques protection
  • Plastics & metal industry