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The connection of two identical molecules forms one of the most important dimer from the big group of polymers that is used for conform Parylene coatings.

This dimer (diaparaxylylen) is vaporized at around 150°C to a gaseous monomer. Coating thickness and conformity of the coating depend on the amount and purity of the used dimer. Corresponding to the purity of the dimer and the equipment technology, you can produce an absolute conform coating with an optimal protection of the substrate materials.

USP CLASS VI ISO-10993-6 FDA: MAF 1176
Mil Specifications: MIL-I-46058C

All in all we utilize four different Parylene dimers:

  • C = very good electric and physical properties < 140°C
  • N = high dielectric and highest coating penetration < 90°C
  • D = high barrier layer and temperature protection < 180°C
  • F = good electric properties and temperature protection > 250°C