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Special developed adhesion promoter for difficult surfaces. To cope with the increasing requirements, a good and completely homogenous adhesion foundation on the component is becoming indispensable.

Our classics are our standard primer (silane), which we use as an adhesion promoter of first quality category between Parylene layers and the products which should be coated. Silane is used mostly by the coating of stainless steel (VA) and chrome nickel steel and serves to enhance the adhesion of Parylene.

However this is not for all substrates possible or is not enough to produce a sufficient and 100 % homogenous adhesion surface.

After intensive development we succeeded to construct a special process for this application with the name “Interface”, where we apply a homogenous nano layer before the actual coating, which coats even difficult surfaces and complex components optimal. This process results in enhanced mechanic properties. The intrusion of water between the boundary layers is hindered considerably and the temperature stability significantly improved, as well as the increase of the dielectric strength.