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Plasma polymerization is a vacuum coating process and offers for many application areas interesting resolution approaches. Vaporous organic monomers are channeled first through special mass flow controllers into a chamber which is suitable for the substrates.

First the substrates are stimulated and activated with an inducted high voltage. Due to the developing ionized molecules, molecule fragments in the form of cluster and chains are formed in the gaseous phase. The following condensation on the treated substrates results in polymerization and the creation of a closed layer.

This Polymerization is a special form of the so called CVD processes (chemical vapor deposition).

Applications of plasma polymer coatings:

  • Hydrophobic and hydrophilic layers
  • Slide and barrier layers
  • Scratch resistant coatings
  • Corrosive protection
  • Anti adhesive, dirt repelling coatings
  • Barrier layers

For specific surface modification we can offer you the following processes which are developed form us and proved themselves:

Thin Glyde

Thin Glide

  • Reduces the friction of plastic and rubber surfaces
  • Dirt repelling properties on silicones
  • Anti static properties
Micro Flow

Micro Flow

  • High surface energy
  • Offers permanent hydrophilic properties on plastics
  • Excellent optical properties
  • Can be adjusted in relation to absorptive capacity to different media
Thin Guard

Thin Guard

  • Reduced surface energy
  • Offers permanent hydrophobic surface, passivation
  • Optimal barrier properties
Micro Tie

Micro Tie

  • Adhesion improvement on metals and plastics
  • Metal on metal, metal on plastics or plastics on plastics
  • Replaces chemicals which are harmful to the environment
Thin Guard

Custom Coat

  • Development of customer-specific coatings