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Cleaning with plasma

At the cleaning of surfaces using plasma, small remains of organic substances are removed. Normally a process of primary cleaning is applied before this cleaning.

A sterile ultra pure cleaning with plasma is reached, if the parts which should be cleaned, are treated with oxygen plasma. The organic remains, which should be removed, react with the oxygen and the so produced gas is extracted with the vacuum pump. At some cases other process gases are used such as hydrogen or noble gases. That depends on the pollution or the properties of the substrates which should be cleaned.

Activation with Plasma

In the case of activation, the polymeric surface is exposed to plasma. Used for the plasma are inert gases (noble gases) of gases consistent of molecules which have no atoms who can build chains, such as Ar, N2, O2 or NH3.

In this case the bonds in the surface are split and reactive areas are built due to the electrons, ions and high-energy radiation which is created by the plasma. The so created radicals can then react with each other and cause an additional cross linking on the surface.

The so produced high cross linked surface is an activated surface. With gases which are not inert, such as N2 or O2, contained atoms can be imbedded additionally in the surface and can cause a change in the surface properties of the substrates die to new functional groups.

Drum equipment for the treatment of bulk goods with customized drum.