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The removal of photo resist layers is a process in the semi-conductor production, which is very often conducted. For this purpose our systems at micro wave basic have been proved particularly. They form a remarkably low priced and environmentally friendly alternative.

Especially after etching of structures and at highly pressured varnishes this technology has proved itself. Even after implantation processes the benefits of micro waves can be used not only through high incineration rates. Mostly oxygen is used a process gas. Because of the high ionization grade and the properties of isotopes of micro wave plasma there is a particular gentle treatment of components and high removal rates. If your application needs a plasma activation using MHz, our systems are also available with MHz frequency.

Photo Resist Ashing

In the micro technology it is increasingly necessary to partly remove very thick varnish layers, which can be done successfully and notably low priced with our plasma equipment of series Q.

For these applications our standard systems with silica glass chamber are available with a diameter of 150, 240 and 310 mm. Other dimensions are available on demand.

Plasma equipment of series Q is fashioned as table version or ready for integration in clean room walls.