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CLEANING, ACTIVATION AND COATING of every surface - technology made in germany

You need one of our surface treatments in the form of a contract coating and would like to get an idea of the possibilities? Then we have compiled a list of typical Alpha Plasma applications.

Possibilities with surface treatment from Rosenheim

The spectrum of application possibilities in the field of professional surface treatment is versatile. Here are some examples listed. For further information, our experts from Rosenheim are always at your disposal.

  • Cleaning of metals Cleaning of plastics and vacuum materials
  • Activation of metals, plastics and all vacuum-capable materials, for example before bonding
  • Plasma ashing of organic components like photo resist
  • Reduction of oxides on metallic surfaces
  • Customer-specific polymer layers 
  • plasma in front-end / back-end applications

Whether for precise purification and activation or as part of a plasma polymerisation, with Alpha Plasma you get a flexible product that can reduce your costs effectively and sustainably. For further information please contact us by phone +49 80 31 - 797 72-0 (Rosenheim). We will be pleased to advise you and to meet your needs.

Alpha Plasma Coating
Alpha Plasma Coating
Alpha Plasma Coating