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Cleaning of metals, plastic and all vacuum suitable materials


Plasma is not a invention of humanity, it is formed in the tail of comets, in lightning at thunder storms, as well as in stars including our sun. Even northern lights are fascinating and well known occurrences of plasma. More than 99 % of visible matter in the universe is in the state of plasma, such as lightning, flames, northern lights etc.

The state of plasma is called the fourth state in addition to the liquid, solid and gaseous state. This technology, which was already described in the last century, was a long time only an exotic niche. Through the rising understanding of the processes in and around plasma, this technology finds its way in rising numbers of laboratories and production facilities.

Because of the rapid development in the area of semi-conductor technology, the processes and technologies were even more refined and adjusted to the present technical requirements.

Today plasma processes are not only in the chip production, but also in many other industrial areas indispensable. Plasma, especially low pressure plasma are already used in many places in plastics technology, micro technology, sample analysis or at the production of photovoltaic cells and displays. This technology is even in the medical area successful used.

Generally low pressure plasma is applied to clean samples, activate surfaces or to create coatings with functional layers via plasma polymerization. Thus the surfaces can be adjusted to the desired requirements.