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Parylene Coating
Coating- and low pressure plasma technology made in Rosenheim (Germany)

Plasma Parylene Systems GmbH is an innovative company in the area of coating and low pressure plasma technology. Our service areas: Cleaning, activation, etching and the removal of varnish in the semi-conductor and micro technology, as well as plasma polymerization to modify surfaces with the help of low pressure plasmas.

Parylene and Plasma-Parylene coating systems – these novel and innovative coating technologies have been developed by Plasma Parylene Systems. We are in these areas part of the technology leaders. From the pre treatment until the final coating, we will help you gladly with our application laboratories, even under clean room conditions, up to equipment construction with individual assistance and advice in all areas of surface technology.

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 Parylene Coating / Plasma Parylene Coating Systems are the novel coating technologies and were decisively shaped by our company in Rosenheim. We are one of the current leaders in this sector.

From preparation and the special coating to engineering with individual support and consultation, we will be available in all parts of surface-technology in our application laboratories (or even in strict cleanroom conditions).

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Alpha Plasma – technologies with low pressure plasmas

Our machinery is in use for mainly semiconductor technologies, solar-, plastic-, and electronics industry as well as the sectors of analytics, aerospace – and car industry and medical applications.

Examples in application are:

Preparation of metals and plastic before bonding, pasting, painting or printing on. Fine cleaning of glasses, metals, ceramic or other materials and substrates suitable for a vacuum. Cleaning and incineration of organic samples and paints in micromechanics as well as silicon wafers in semiconductor technologies.

For all questions regarding our products and services please do ask our Contact Persons from Rosenheim. We are looking forward to your requests and cooperation.